Doctor Who DVDs owned by Andrew Oakley, Gloucestershire

Thank-you for showing an interest in buying me a Doctor Who DVD. I really appreciate these, not only for the stories themselves, but also for the special features, making-of documentaries and commentaries which aren't available with online versions. I am particularly interested in the "classic" series that ran from 1963 to 1989, featuring the 1st to 7th Doctors. You can often find these cheap at Amazon UK.

Here's a list of Doctor Who DVDs I already own, sorted alphabetically. Titles which start with "The", "A", "An" etc. have had the prefix moved to the end of the title.

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Ark in Space, The
Aztecs, The
Black Orchid
Chase, The
City of Death
Creature from the Pit, The
Curse of Fenric, The
Curse of Peladon, The
Daemons, The
Dalek Invasion of Earth, The
Daleks, The
Day of the Daleks
Day of the Doctor, The
Death to the Daleks
Destiny of the Daleks
Edge of Destruction, The
Evil of the Daleks, The
Face of Evil, The
Five Doctors, The
Four to Doomsday
Frontier in Space
Genesis of the Daleks
Hand of Fear, The
Happiness Patrol, The
Horror of Fang Rock
Ice Warriors, The
Invasion of Time, The
Invasion, The
Keeper of Traken, The
Keys of Marinus, The
Leisure Hive, The
Macra Terror, The
Mark of the Rani, The
Mawdryn Undead
Mind Robber, The
Monster of Peladon, The
Moonbase, The
Paradise Towers
Planet of the Daleks
Rememberance of the Daleks
Resurection of the Daleks
Revelation of the Daleks
Robots of Death, The
Seeds of Death, The
Space Museum, The
Tenth Planet, The
Terror of the Zygons
Time Meddler, The
Time and the Rani
Trial of a Time Lord, The
Unearthly Child, An
Visitation, The
War Machines, The
Web Planet, The
Web of Fear, The

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