Bubble Liquid / Fluid Refill Mix Recipe for Bubble Machines in the UK

This article provides a method to make your own bubble liquid for blowing bubbles.

Recipes for bubble liquid based on washing-up liquid (detergent) depend very highly on the brand of washing-up liquid used. American recipies typically do not work with British detergents, and rely on American ingredients such as corn syrup which are not commonly available in the UK. I spent an evening with several washing-up brands, a measuring jug and a bubble machine to discover the ideal recipe for British bubble-blowers.

This recipe will make over 1.5 litres of bubble liquid from one 500ml bottle of Fairy Original washing-up liquid. Including a small bag of sugar, the ingredients cost less than £1.50 compared to £6.99 for a litre of bubble fluid at Maplin.

This recipe is suitable for both bubble machines and small manual hoops (traditional blow-your-own bubble sticks in small pots). It has not been tried with large hoops (if you try it with a large hoop, please email me with your results).


To make 500ml (half a litre, just over 1 Imperial pint) of bubble liquid:



Results with Other Brands

I experimented using various other brands of detergent and varying amounts of water and sugar.

The following brands were unsuccessful regardless of the amount of water or sugar used. They either would not form bubbles from a bubble hoop, or the bubbles did not last more than a couple of seconds:

The following brands were successful when used in the same 150ml:350ml:2tsp ratio as original Fairy Liquid:

I have chosen to use Fairy Original in the main recipe as this is an extremely common brand available throughout the UK.

Please email me with results from other brands.

Public Domain - Andrew Oakley - 2008-05-12

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